Our first frame – The RENDER original, is a square frame with classic attributes. It has an updated, modern design and with the clip-on mounted it’s a really cool sunglasses frame. As you can customize your look by choosing from different clip-ons you can now start collecting different styles without spending money on a new pair of sunglasses. The Ultem* material is extremely durable and will keep its shape and last you many years, that’s why we give you lifetime guarantee. As a RENDER person you will never have to find a new eyewear-brand again.

The measurements are 145mm front and 140mm temples, a very common size and it will fit practically anybody. You can easily adjust the end-tip yourself to make it fit your head.

All the frames come fitted with the TAC (or Shamir with prescription)– anti blue-light lens that will make sure to protect your eyes, while still keep the right characteristics of the screen.

The included magnetic clip-ons are TAC – Polarized, with 100% UV-protection and anti-scratch coatings to enhance lens performance.

You’re welcome!


ECO-FRIENDLY – 141 ULTEM is made from a non-toxic and eco-friendly material which yields no harmful by-product during production. Additionally, the production process requires less energy than standard plastic frames; thus, reducing our carbon footprint.

EXTREMELY DURABLE – 141 ULTEM is characterized by its excellent elasticity, amazing mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

LIGHTWEIGHT – 141 ULTEM frames are 30% lighter than comparable acetate frames and 50°/o lighter than many metal frames.

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT – Unlike mast acetate frames, the 141 ULTEM frames can withstand extreme temperatures and still hold its shape.